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This Go library uses CGO to consume the runtime APIs of the WAMR project which are defined in core/iwasm/include/wasm_export.h. The API details are available in the header files.


Installing from the source code

Installing from local source tree is in development mode.
Run ./ in this folder to build the package, which builds the WAMR runtime library firstly and then builds the Go binding library.
Run ./ under samples folder to build and test the sample.
cd samples

Supported APIs

All the embedding APIs supported are defined under folder wamr.

Runtime APIs

func Runtime() *_Runtime
func (self *_Runtime) FullInit(alloc_with_pool bool, heap_buf []byte,
max_thread_num uint) error
func (self *_Runtime) Init() error
func (self *_Runtime) Destroy()
func (self *_Runtime) SetLogLevel(level LogLevel)
func (self *_Runtime) Malloc(size uint32) *uint8
func (self *_Runtime) Free(ptr *uint8)

Module APIs

func NewModule(wasmBytes []byte) (*Module, error)
func (self *Module) Destroy()
func (self *Module) SetWasiArgs(dirList [][]byte, mapDirList [][]byte,
env [][]byte, argv[][]byte)
func (self *Module) SetWasiArgsEx(dirList [][]byte, mapDirList [][]byte,
env [][]byte, argv[][]byte,
stdinfd int, stdoutfd int, stderrfd int)
func (self *Module) SetWasiAddrPool(addrPool [][]byte)

Instance APIs

func NewInstance(module *Module,
stackSize uint, heapSize uint) (*Instance, error)
func (self *Instance) Destroy()
func (self *Instance) CallFunc(funcName string,
argc uint32, args []uint32) error
func (self *Instance) CallFuncV(funcName string,
num_results uint32, results []interface{},
args ... interface{}) error
func (self *Instance) GetException() string
func (self Instance) ModuleMalloc(size uint32) (uint32, *uint8)
func (self Instance) ModuleFree(offset uint32)
func (self Instance) ValidateAppAddr(app_offset uint32, size uint32) bool
func (self Instance) ValidateNativeAddr(native_ptr *uint8, size uint32) bool
func (self Instance) AddrAppToNative(app_offset uint32) *uint8
func (self Instance) AddrNativeToApp(native_ptr *uint8) uint32
func (self Instance) GetAppAddrRange(app_offset uint32) (bool, uint32, uint32)
func (self Instance) GetNativeAddrRange(native_ptr *uint8) (bool, *uint8, *uint8)
func (self Instance) DumpMemoryConsumption()
func (self Instance) DumpCallStack()

Sample codes

var module *wamr.Module
var instance *wamr.Instance
var results []interface{}
var err error
/* Runtime initialization */
err = wamr.Runtime().FullInit(false, nil, 1)
/* Read WASM/AOT file into a memory buffer */
wasmBytes := read_wasm_binary_to_buffer(...)
/* Load WASM/AOT module from the memory buffer */
module, err = wamr.NewModule(wasmBytes)
/* Create WASM/AOT instance from the module */
instance, err = wamr.NewInstance(module, 16384, 16384)
/* Call the `fib` function */
results = make([]interface{}, 1, 1)
err = instance.CallFuncV("fib", 1, results, (int32)32)
fmt.Printf("fib(32) return: %d\n", results[0].(int32));
/* Destroy runtime */
More samples can be found in test.go