WAMR Porting Guide

WAMR porting guide

This document describes how to port WAMR to a new platform "new-os"

Step 1: Implement platform API layer

Firstly create the folder for platform API layer implementations:

  • for common platforms, create a folder in core/shared/platform/new-os in WAMR repository folder, so the implementation can be upstreamed

  • for platforms that are internal and its implementation shouldn't be published, it's recommended to create a folder outside of the WAMR repository folder (e.g. have separate repository for platform API layer implementation)

In the folder you just created, you must provide the following files:

  • platform_internal.h: It can be used for any platform-specific definitions such as macros, data types and internal APIs.

  • shared_platform.cmake: the cmake file will be included by the building script. It is recommended to add a definition for your platform:

    • add_definitions(-DBH_PLATFORM_YOUR_NAME)

Then go to implement the APIs defined in the following header files for the platform abstraction layer:

  • platform_api_vmcore.h: mandatory for building mini-product (vmcore only). Part of the APIs is needed only for Ahead of Time compilation support.

  • platform_api_extension.h: mandatory for app-mgr and app-framework. Given that the app-mgr and app-framework are not required for your target platform, you won't have to implement the API defined in the platform_api_extension.h.


There is posix based implementation of the platform API located in the platform/common/posix folder. You can include it if your platform supports posix API. refer to platform linux implementation.


Some platforms such as ZephyrOS don't provide math functions e.g. sqrt, fabs and isnan, then you should include source files under the folder platform/common/math.

Step 2: Create the mini product for the platform

You can build a mini WAMR product which is only the vmcore for your platform. Normally you need to implement the main function which loads a WASM file and run it with the WASM runtime. You don't have to do this step if there is no mini-product need for your platform porting.

Firstly create folder product-mini/platforms/new-os for the platform mini product build, then refer to the linux platform mini-product for creating the CMakeList.txt and the C implementations.

You should set cmake variable WAMR_BUILD_PLATFORM to your platform name while building the mini product. It can be done in the mini product CMakeList.txt file, or pass arguments to cmake command line like:

mkdir build
cd build
cmake .. -DWAMR_BUILD_PLATFORM=new-os

For platform implementations that are outside of the WAMR repository (e.g. internal platforms), you also need to provide SHARED_PLATFORM_CONFIG path:

cmake .. -DWAMR_BUILD_PLATFORM=new-os -DSHARED_PLATFORM_CONFIG=/path/to/new-os/shared_platform.cmake

Refer to build_wamr.md for the building configurations and parameters.

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