Enable Debugging In VS Code


An integrated development environment for WASM.

How to debug this extension

Note that when you download and decompress to get .vsix file from our release. It's by default that the source debugging feature is not enabled. If you want to enable the source debugging feature of this extension, you could download lldb from our release (This is the recommended way, and you could do it with a single click in VS Code). Then if you want to use your customized lldb patch, you could build your own version of lldb and then follow this instruction to put them in the correct path

1. open VSCode_Extension directory with the vscode

File -> Open Folder -> select `VSCode_Extension`

2. run npm install in terminal to install necessary dependencies.

3. click F5 or ctrl+shift+D switch to Run and Debug panel and click Run Extension to boot.

Code Format

prettier is recommended and .prettierrc.json has been provided in workspace. More details and usage guidance please refer prettier

You can run following commands in current extension directory to check and apply

# install prettier firstly
npm install --save-dev prettier
# check format
npm run prettier-format-check
# apply
npm run prettier-format-apply

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