JetStream 2 is a JavaScript and WebAssembly benchmark suite focused on the most advanced web applications. It rewards browsers that start up quickly, execute code quickly, and run smoothly.



Please build iwasm and wamrc, refer to:

And install emsdk, refer to the guide. Don't forget to activate emsdk and set up environment variables. For example, use instructions below to install it under /opt and activate it:

$ cd /opt
$ git clone
$ cd emsdk
$ git pull
$ ./emsdk install latest
$ ./emsdk activate latest
$ echo "source /opt/emsdk/" >> "${HOME}"/.bashrc

And then run ./ to build the source code, the folder out will be created and files will be generated under it.


Run ./ to test the benchmark, the native mode and iwasm aot mode will be tested for each workload, and the file report.txt will be generated.

Run ./ to test the benchmark with AOT static PGO (Profile-Guided Optimization) enabled, please refer here to install tool llvm-profdata and build iwasm with cmake -DWAMR_BUILD_STATIC_PGO=1.

  • For Linux, build iwasm with cmake -DWAMR_BUILD_STATIC_PGO=1, then run ./ to test the benchmark with AOT static PGO (Profile-Guided Optimization) enabled.

  • For Linux-sgx, similarly, build iwasm with cmake -DWAMR_BUILD_STATIC_PGO=1, then make in the directory enclave-sample. And run ./ --sgx to test the benchmark.

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