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Welcome to the home page of WAMR documentation, WebAssembly Micro Runtime is an open-source project under Bytecode Alliance. As the name suggests, it is a lightweight standalone WebAssembly (WASM) runtime with a small footprint, high performance, and highly configurable features for applications across from embedded, IoT, edge Trusted Execution Environment (TEE), smart contract, cloud-native, and so on.

How to navigate the documentation

If you are a complete beginner who just stepped into the world of WebAssembly or just looking to kill some time and learn something fun, start with appendix A. background knowledge 101 and our chapter 1. introduction. Also, you could learn how to run a hello world server-side wasm application using runtime WAMR in chapter 2. getting started.

Suppose you are somewhat familiar with WebAssembly and want to explore what WAMR can do for you as a user and developer. You could first check out chapter 3. tutorial on how to use WAMR, including introduction to different running modes, how to build different running modes, how to embed WAMR into your application and how to debug with WAMR. Then you could visit the complete list of chapter 5. features WAMR supported to see whether specific feature interest you and would serve your demands well. If the time comes when you start to optimize and consider improving performance or want to utilize the advanced feature, including application framework and dynamic management. In that case, you could find them in chapter 4. advance tutorial.

And, of course, you can always utilize the search function in the top right corner to locate whichever topic you are interested in


Feel free to check out our blog from time to time! We have some great blogs that either showcase some WAMR features and use cases or discuss some interesting topics on WAMR/WASM.

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