Docker Environment Preparation

We all know Docker containers and may use them a lot in school or work. It resolves dependency management for our projects/applications, prevents package version confusion and conflict, and contamination of the local environment.

Now WAMR has a Dockerfile under path .devontainer to create a container image, dev container images that you could easily use in VS Code. In case you prefer other IDE like Clion, you can also build it and use for the IDE you like.

How to use it

It's straightforward to use Docker in VS Code! First, you have VS Code and Docker installed(if not yet, check next section for howto). Then you need to download Docker in VS Code extensions marketplace.

And that's it, and you are good to go! When you open the root folder of WAMR, in the bottom right corner, the Docker extension will pop a notification and ask if you like to reopen the folder in a container.

If you encounter any problems or get stuck somewhere, may this video demo for docker usage in VS Code will help.

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